The look, feel and content of the interviews are custom designed for each program you require. If you require specific report layouts for different clients, the final interviews are returned in final delivery format. Reports can be returned electronically, via e-mail, through your vendor web site or by fax. The method of return can vary by program. Red Flag issues can also be customized to each program you define. 'Hold for response' times can also vary by program.



Fitting your needs

We'll work with you to create your unique program.

Providing economy

Our affordability protects your turnaround.

Augmenting your staff

When you're swamped, we fill the gap.


Instantaneous alerts are provided.












Red Flag

Circumstances you have defined as critical issues are tracked and instantaneous notification is provided by e-mail or telephone. For example, if termination for cause from a previous employer is of critical concern, notification will be made immediately following the development of the information. These Red Flags can vary from program to program to accommodate different clients or departments.


Quick turnaround

Attempts to complete an interview request are made within hours of receipt. All pending requests are attempted at least once each day. Pending items are held three business days (this time period can be adjusted). A single attempt includes contact with the departments of Human Resources and Payroll and with the listed and current managers.


Computer Web Designs

Work is conducted and distributed through a secure web-based system. This allows easy, efficient assignment and tracking of work and provides real-time reporting.


Compliance with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act

MWS Jude Frank Enterprises, Inc. will provide confirmation of employment and education histories, and confirm degrees, diplomas, certificates or licenses for the purpose of pre-employment screening only and only with the receipt of a dated release form signed by the applicant. The release must specifically authorize release of employment, education and license information and will be valid only for confirmation of activities previous to the date of the release signature.

MWS Jude Frank Enterprises, Inc. requires written confirmation from each "client" of compliance procedures regarding provisions for applicants to receive a copy of their background reports based on an individual request or as directed by state law.

MWS Jude Frank Enterprises, Inc. will confirm state and federal licenses only through the issuing agency and will report the time span purported by the agency encompassing the available records.

MWS Jude Frank Enterprises, Inc. will provide adverse information only from sources deemed reliable. MWS Jude Frank Enterprises will not prepare or furnish an investigative consumer report on an applicant that contains information that is adverse to the interest of the applicant and that is obtained through a personal interview with a neighbor, friend, or associate of the applicant or with another person with whom the applicant is acquainted or who has knowledge of such item of information, unless:

(A) confirmation of the information, from an additional source that has independent and direct knowledge of the information has been attempted; or

(B) the person interviewed is the best possible source of the information.
MWS Jude Frank Enterprises, Inc. will not provide information known to be incorrect as described in the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act Section 623.


Read more on the FCRA

We succeed when you succeed!


MWS/Jude Franc is owned and managed by 25-year veterans in the field of employment background screening.

The company is certified as a women- and minority-owned vendor.

Our location, in the Appalachian hills of Southeastern Ohio, is considered a distressed and destitute area by the federal government.

The location, combined with professional-level compensation, provides MWS/Jude Franc with an ample, loyal work force with minimal turnover.