Beneficial to your business

Professional level interviewing will provide superior information for your program. The fixing of your interview costs will allow better control for your charge-backs or pricing systems. Outsourcing during your periodic surges will reduce the need for a larger, permanent staff and reduce your overhead.

Beneficial to your quality

All we do is employment-related reference interviewing. The experience of our staff will provide superior results. You will know more, faster.

Our staff is multilingual, professional and committed to providing fast, accurate service efficiently. We are in full compliance with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and its amendments.

Beneficial to your turnaround

All industries go through seasonal hiring surges. Operations are harmed the most when volume alone stretches turnaround time at the same time the results are desperately anticipated. We can fill the gap with seasoned, professional, highly motivated research staff eager to keep your turnaround reputation.

We fit your needs:

We'll work with you to create a unique program.

We provide you with economy:

Our affordability protects your turnaround time.

We augment your staff:

When you're swamped, we fill in the gap.


Instantaneous alerts are provided at your request.