Our mission:

Our mission is to augment your current staff. We provide quality and economy to protect your turnaround time during your periodic surges. Outsourcing all or part of your employment background interviewing is beneficial to your business, to the quality of your screening program and for your turnaround time.

About our company

MWS/Jude Franc is owned and managed by 25-year veterans in the field of employment background screening. The company is certified as a women- and minority-owned vendor. Our location, in the Appalachian hills of Southeastern Ohio, is considered a distressed and destitute area by the federal government. The location, combined with professional-level compensation, provides MWS/Jude Franc with an ample, loyal work force with minimal turnover.

The company is owned and operated by Judith and Mark Smedley. They began providing background screening services in 1982 with Alan Scott Haft in Tampa, Florida. Since then, they have developed and managed background screening programs as employees, consultants and business owners for Sears, Fed-Ex, American Express, United Airlines, hospitals, nursing services, fast food providers and trucking fleets. They have been instrumental in supplanting their pen and paper beginnings with the most cutting-edge technology.

MWS/Jude Franc's only business is employment background interviewing. Our staff conducts 1,000 interviews per a 15-hour working day, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern, from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands. The staff is multilingual, thoroughly trained, regularly monitored and receives professional compensation for exceptional work. Computer web designs maximize efficiency and provide immediate, real-time reporting. Red Flag notifications immediately alert you to issue you have defined as a primary concern.

Trained and monitored staff

The research staff receives 240 hours of initial classroom and individually supervised on-the-job training. After completing training, the researcher joins a five-member team coordinated and monitored by a supervisor. The supervisor listens to each outbound call (the supervisor does not monitor the contact) providing assurance the client/program requirements are followed, providing research guidance and tips to expedite turnaround and resolving questions immediately. The supervisor reconfirms a percentage of all calls to ensure accuracy and methodology.

Professional compensation for exceptional work

Professional services deserve professional compensation. Wages begin at $10.00 per hour and range to $15.00 per hour. Weekly bonuses, earned through superior production rates, range between $75 and $150 per week and 35 percent of the staff routinely reach the bonus levels. All work is conducted from a central facility; no home-based researchers are utilized. The facility is located in a federally recognized economically distressed and destitute area. We have a loyal work force, low turnover and a large labor pool.

We comply with all FCRA requirements.

What MWS/Jude Franc can do for you?

Here's a glance of what we can offer you and your team:

  • 25 years of experience
  • Flexibile hours
  • Quick turnaround
  • Multi-lingual staff
  • Customizable programs
  • Affordability
  • Highly-trained staff
  • An FCRA-compliant establishment